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Founded in 1946, the Jamaica Rugby Football Union (JRFU) is the national governing body for Rugby Union in Jamaica. The JRFU is a full member of World Rugby (WR) and Rugby America North (RAN). The Union administers and delivers Rugby programs islandwide, from youth rugby to senior rugby, men’s, women’s, passionate patrons or the casual fan. Focusing on the administration and development of the game by creating frameworks that enable all our members to develop and grow.

The JRFU Executive comprises of the following

Jerry Benzwick              Chairman                     chairman@jamaica.rugby

Anthony Greenaway      Secretary                     secretary@jamaica.rugby

Hyacinth Morris.            Treasurer                     treasurer@jamaica.rugby

Coleen Lewis                   Asst. Sec/Treas           asst_sec_treas@jamaica.rugby

Board Members

Bruce Martin                  7s Director                   brucemartin@jamaica.rugby

Patrick Alexander         Referees                       referees@jamaica.rugby

Dr. Marvin Kelly           15s Director                 marvinkelly@jamaica.rugby

Mohenjo Thompson     Players Rep                 player-rep@jamaica.rugby


Staff Members:

Tracy-Ann Hales          Office Administrator          admin@jamaica.rugby

Ameka Livingston        Development Officer          jdo@jamaica.rugby



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